WARREN, IL – Our meeting was great with guest speakers; they were Shawn Teske, Superintendent of Schools, he filled us in on whats happening in the school district. Next was Lucas Bourquin head of the EMT’s here in our town and the education you need to become an EMT. Our next speaker was Bryan Bohnsack, Police Chief of Warren, he also filled us in about the drug problem in our town and how he is dealing with it and Mark Mahoney, Publisher of The Flash Newspaper and Warren Chamber President in Warren. Mark gave an update on the Warren Chamber and the recent 2018 Pumpkin Festival and the changes. Our meeting was interesting and it was decided on a theme for the tree is to be “Salute Our Troops” The decorating group was to meet at the Community Building, at 10:00 a.m. on Friday November 23rd, 2018. Mary Cheslock sent a sympathy card to Ruth Winters family on passing and also to Gayle Doersam on the passing of her mother. Get well cards were sent to Barbara Ellingson, Sharon Cahill and to Sandra Wolfram. A big “Thank You” to our Social Committee, Rose Steuart, Chair, Billie Nolan and Fran Rosenthal for a great lunch. Our next meeting will be November 27th, 2018 at 12 noon, at the Community Building. We will be putting dried mixes, for meals or for baking, together in Mason jars to be given as gifts if you would like. Also recipes were given with the jars. Sounds like an interesting afternoon, see you there.

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